Hi I’m Tenille

I want you to know that you can stay passionate AND grow profits

I’m a quirky, fun-loving Aussie introvert who loves animals, music, and the ocean.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make my dreams come true, starting with my career in dog training.

I’ll show you how you can too!

Designed a 6 figure dog training business working only 3 days per week

Sold dog training courses online globally

Animal trainer and behaviourist

Pet Parent to dogs, bird and kitty

Writer of training ebooks

Helped thousands of dog trainers around the world

Have you ever heard the following?

“People won’t pay for dog training around here”

Or maybe that dog training is a low income career. That you NEED to work weekends and evenings. Or that all clients are a pain in the butt to work with.

It seems like every trainer out there is working 24/7, exhausted, burnt out and wishing they had time for their own dogs…

If you’ve ever felt like it’s hard to fit this mould, maybe it’s because you’re not supposed to. What if it could be easier? More fun? More suited to who you are.

You could work less hours while earning more money. You could choose which training services you want to offer. You could attract who you want to work with.

However you want your lifestyle to look. Whatever you want to decide, your dreams and desires are valid, possible, and you are perfect just the way you are.

I help fun-loving dog trainers and business owners to create more money while staying true to their passion and avoiding burnout.

  • If this is you, you don’t have to do it alone.
  • If you feel like you need more clients and you’re not sure where to find them
  • If  don’t feel like you’re getting the kind of support and encouragement you need
  • from those around you
  • If you look at other trainers who seem to have all the success and you aren’t sure how to get there
  • If you LOVE training and you get great results… but you don’t know much about the business and marketing side of things!

The Business Side Of Training Can Be More Exciting

I know – you probably just want to train dogs and you might wish the rest of your business would just happen on it’s own. It’s so awesome that we can to make a living doing what we love, training dogs. But I want you to know that it’s OK to ALSO create a business that supports your lifestyle and personality.
I want you to know that you are worthy of all the success you desire. 

By sharing my stories, my challenges and my successes, I hope to inspire you to believe that. 

Want To Learn More About Me?

My Very Official Sounding Third Person Bio

Tenille Williams has coached business owners from around the world since 2017, but unofficially coached several business owners prior to that. She can’t help it. Students have coached one on one or taken Tenille’s programs from Australia, The US, Canada, New Zealand, The UK, France, Spain, and Singapore. 

In her 12 year animal training career, she has worked with dogs, cats, dingoes, emus, cotton top tamarins (monkeys) and a spotted quoll. Most of all, she has trained many humans. 

Tenille is what they call multi-passionate. She has grown two part-time businesses to six figures each per year and spends her free time on a variety of hobbies and interests from scuba diving to guitar playing to pole dancing. It’s not all action all of the time though – she also loves to eat pizza and binge on Netflix from time to time. 

Tenille currently lives with her husband, three dogs and a parrot in their much-loved custom-built home on the coast near Bundaberg, Queensland. 

Despite all her endeavours, nothing quite beats hearing from a client that they just had a $10k week. So she’s out to help as many people experience that as possible.

What Is Tenille Made Of?

I have mentored hundreds of business owners just like you. Will you be next?

Business can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be so lonely. I can be the business bestie you need. Let me support you through the self-growth accelerator that is running a business.

How I Can Help You