Hi, I am Tenille Williams! I am the founder and trainer of Dog Matters, which I launched in early 2011. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of dogs and their owners to improve their manners and train out bad habits. I’m passionate about helping people to help their dogs and has even expanded to online training services helping people all over the world. I am sharing my dog training experiences and ideas through my blog.


The Profit First System: A Review

Putting Your Profit First - A Review of Implementing the Profit First System I’ve always been good with avoiding massive debt - never had a credit card and always saved to buy things I wanted in cash. Yet I also wasn’t very good at saving money...

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Limiting Beliefs In Your Business

Today we spoke on Facebook live about limiting beliefs in your business, particularly those that stop you from taking action and running your business the way you should. We also discussed living life outside your comfort zone and how pushing...

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