Craft your business to meet both your income goals and ideal hours


I just had a great coaching session. One of the main things we needed to solve was whether the current business process was sustainable.

Lots of clients are coming in, which is great. So many in fact, that burnout was becoming a real risk, real soon.

We don’t want that.

Being booked up for months in advance might seem appealing but it’s a symptom that something isn’t flowing as good as it could be in your business.

If you’re booked out you should see the following positive symptoms of success:

You have exceeded your income goal
You have created a business that works for you where you are the director, not a slave to your clients. You have time for yourself, and time to run the show. All while achieving point one above
Usually though, trainers who are booked out feel run off their feet, like they can’t fit in admin time and like they don’t have the cash in the bank that they deserve for all of this hard work.

Not to mention, they don’t feel that they have time for leisure, rest, family and spending time with their own dogs!

If this is you, you just need a process that actively helps you achieve your goals.

Got a goal of $10k per month? Do you know exactly how many clients you need to see to hit that goal?

Do you know all your current figures and are they sustainable?

As the director of your business, you need to know your numbers and whether they’re on track to your meeting your goals sustainably.

If you don’t know this, I can help. You don’t have to be guessing your way through business each day.

When it comes to your business, don’t wing it. Set it up to work for you.

Need help with this? Reach out!

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