“How can we get trainers to talk to each other, learn from each other and support each other? Everyone wants to hold onto their secrets.”

This was a recent question I was asked by a follower and I thought, what a great topic – let’s talk about it.

Why does it seem that so many trainers don’t want to help because they want to guard their secrets?

From what I’ve observed, a lot (not all) trainers have a scarcity mindset.

This means that they feel that resources are scarce, competition is high, competitors and even non competitors are a threat and so on.

Basically, that there isn’t enough to go around and that other trainers are out to use and abuse them.

Sort of like a dog guarding a resource – it all comes from fear.

Is the fear justified?

Unfortunately there are people in any industry who will take advantage of others, so we don’t exactly want to throw caution to the wind.

But we don’t need to feel afraid to help others out either.

When you help someone to become a better trainer, they can help more dogs and dog owners – and we can all reach that common goal together.

On the flip side, if you’re a trainer looking for help, maybe searching for a mentor, remember that the person’s time is valuable and anyone else would have to pay for their training knowledge.

While many trainers help each other for free, we want to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial and not a one way street.

Just as you would expect to pay for a training seminar, you might like to offer to pay your mentor for their most valuable asset, their time. They may decline your offer to pay but don’t just expect free services.

If we expect people to pay us for help, we should also be willing to pay for help in areas of training improvement, personal development and business growth.

In fact, investing in ourselves helps us to grow and improve.

If you have a training business or plan to start one, be upfront about your goals with those you seek to mentor you in training.

And in the future when someone approaches you for help, don’t forget to pay it forward and share the love 😉

What about the information and methods shared – paid or not? Should we hold back and keep some secrets for ourselves?

I was speaking to one of my Masterclass students recently and she was saying how she helped a client with some life saving dog skills, and then added, “It was another trainer’s material, but super valuable…”

I replied, “well none of us come out of the vagina just knowing this stuff!”

No matter what twist or branding we come up with, nothing is fully original. We learn bits and pieces from many other people throughout our careers – all through networking, seminars, books, videos and sharing.

Just like with dog training, trust is an important part of the relationship. Networking and helping others can lead to amazing friendships and opportunities.

Get involved both online and offline in meeting new people and expanding your horizons.

I have made life long friends this way and have also seen it happen to members of the Masterclass as they support each other in the group.

Maybe one day you’ll be there too!


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