When people just don’t want to pay for your training


“Is it Friday yet?” do you still yearn for Fridays – or maybe you choose to work weekends and yearn for Sunday?

I still love Fridays, maybe from years of conditioning… but it’s not the same as before. I used to love Fridays because it meant I was about to get a two day break from my full time job that I really hated. And then I DREADED Monday.

Now? I look forward to both Fridays and Mondays! Because I design my business to be as enjoyable as possible no matter what day it is.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I took the steps to change things and make my life my choice.

If there’s a certain day of the week you’re still dreading, what could you do to change things?

Perhaps raise your rates so that you could quit your, “other job,” and have more time off?

Or maybe say no to working weekends?

If the thought of charging more money scares you and you just don’t think people in your area will pay more for dog training, I just wrote a post for you.

“When People Won’t Pay What Your Dog Training Service Is Worth” <— click to read now.

Because when people just won’t pay what you wish you could charge, the question to ask is, “or will they?”

Enjoy the article and the rest of your day

Tenille 🙂

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