Your bill: $20k


How would a tax bill of $20k go for you right now?

No one wants bill shock.

It’s even worse when it’s a large sum of money and you just don’t have the cash.

When it comes to taxes, a lot of trainers are pushing it to the back of their minds to deal with later – every time they think about it.

And then all of a sudden it’s tax-o’clock and panic time!

I don’t recommend that method.
And when it comes to methods I do recommend, I obviously have to remind you that I am not an accountant and that this is not financial advice etc etc. Ok?

But I will tell you that when I have received large tax bills I have found great relief in knowing that the money to pay it is already set aside and ready to go.

On top of that, I also had another account building up a bonus for myself that I can take and use for anything I please.

This is because I use the Profit First System.

There’s a book by it’s creator, Mike Michalowicz, that I highly recommend. Check it out here. 

At first I thought that setting up this system was a bit of a pain but it’s been immensely worth it and I wish I knew about it and used it back when I first started my business.

Many members of my Masterclass have now put it into place as well and it’s changed their business and their relationship with money.

Here’s a review I wrote a while back about using the system – read here

Until next time


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